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Eaton Fuller Advantage (2017) Fault Code: 95 PID: TBD SPN: FMI: 3 ECA Speed Sensor Gen2 ECA: Voltage Above Normal or Shorted High

The Fuller Advantage transmission is equipped with an Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) Speed Sensor that provides a secondary engine speed signal to the Transmission Electronic Control Unit (TECU). The ECA Speed Sensor is installed in the clutch housing. The ECA broadcasts the ECA Speed Sensor signal to the TECU through the High Integrity Link (HIL) contained within the Transmission Harness. The TECU uses the ECA Speed Sensor signal to determine engine speed when the J1939 engine speed signal is not available. Early models have a thread-in ECA Speed Sensor installed in the flywheel housing. Fault Code 95 indicates either a loss of the signal or an electrical issue with the ECA Speed Sensor, but is specific to systems that use a Gen2 ECA. Troubleshooting for this procedure is specific to the Gen2 ECA and associated harnesses.

Note: The troubleshooting procedure for Fault Code 65 may direct users to use this troubleshooting procedure if the vehicle is equipped with a Gen2 ECA, even if Fault Code 95 was not set by the transmission. This is because some transmission software versions do not set Fault Code 95.

The TECU monitors the ECA Speed Sensor signal and compares the sensor reading with the J1939 Engine Speed signal to determine sensor validity. The TECU also monitors the ECA Speed Sensor electrical circuit for any short or open circuits.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active:
The system can detect ECA Speed Sensor faults when one of the following conditions is present for 1 second or longer:
FMI 3 – Voltage Above Normal or Shorted High: ECA detects a short to power in the ECA Speed Sensor signal

All FMIs
• “F” flashes in gear display.
• Service light flashes (if equipped).
• No fallback mode is associated with this fault. TECU uses the vehicle engine speed signal, broadcast over J1939, to operate the transmission.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Inactive:
All FMIs: TECU detects the ECA Speed Sensor signal for 2 seconds

Possible Causes:
1) Transmission Harness
– Wiring shorted to power
2) ECA
– Internal Failure