Cummins ISC CM2150 (2007-09) Fault Code: 784 PID: SID 145 SPN: 1590 FMI: 2 Adaptive Cruise Control Mode - Data Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect. Loss of communication with adaptive cruise control.

Verify the electronic control module (ECM) calibration is correct. Check the calibration revision history found on QuickServe® Online for applicable fixes to the calibration stored in the ECM. If necessary, recalibrate the ECM.
This fault is set active if the ECM does not receive the Heartbeat message from the adaptive cruise control unit on the SAE J1939 data link.

If Adaptive Cruise Recovery is enabled, the driver can toggle the cruise enable switch from the OFF position to the ON position two times to get regular cruise control to operate and Fault Code 784 will go inactive. At the next key cycle, if the Heartbeat message is still not present, Fault Code 784 will go active.

There are no repairs.