Detroit DD15 GHG14 (2014-16) Fault Code: SPN 1127 FMI 10 (MCM) Slow Boost Response

NOTE: Please see the step by step troubleshooting procedures for this specific code.

1. Air intake system leaks.
2. Air intake manifold pressure/temperature sensor failure.
3. Air intake manifold pressure/temperature sensor harness/connector.
4. Delta p sensor failure.
5. EGR delivery pipe delta p pressure ports blocked.
6. Inspect EGR cooler hot pipe, EGR crossover pipe, and delivery pipe for excessive blockage.
7. Intake air throttle harness/connector.
8. Intake air throttle valve.
9. DOC inlet pressure sensor.
10. DPF outlet pressure sensor.
11. DPF or DPC pressure sensor tubes blocked.
12. Turbo inlet elbow and outlet pipe of contamination or signs of oil residue.
13. Run a parked regen.