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Cummins ISB CM550 (1990-94) Fault Code: 524 PID: 113 SPN: 2 FMI: Switched Droop Selection Circuit

Circuit Description
The switched droop circuit allows the operator to select from up to three preprogrammed droop
governor values using a two- or three-position switch, depending on which value the original
equipment manufacturer (OEM) has provided.

Component Location
The location of the droop switch circuit varies with each OEM and equipment model. Refer to
the OEM manual.

Shop Talk
The switch should be monitored for proper operation on INSITE™. If the switch is changing
state correctly on the service tool, then the problem does not lie in the switch circuit. The
three-position switch has three states:
1) Position 1 – open
2) Position 2 – closed
3) Position 3 – 1500-ohm resistance.

The two-position switch has two states:
1) Position 1 – open
2) Position 2 – closed.