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Cummins X15 CM2450 X124B (2018 & Newer) Fault Code: 1141 PID: 1141 SPN: 652 FMI: 7 Injector Solenoid Driver Cylinder 2- Mechanical System Not Responding or Out of Adjustment

Circuit Description
The ECM uses diagnostic software to verify injector operation. During selected conditions, each injector is fired. The fueling quantity and timing are then compared to a specified threshold.

Component Location
The engine harness connects the ECM to the pass-through connector(s) that are located in the rocker housing. Internal injector harnesses are located under the valve cover and connect the injectors to the engine harness at the pass-through connector(s).

Conditions for Running the Diagnostics
This diagnostic runs periodically during engine operation.

Conditions for Setting the Fault Codes
The Engine Control Module (ECM) detected a fueling timing or quantity error for the specified injector.

Action Taken When the Fault Code is Active
The ECM illuminates the amber CHECK ENGINE lamp and/or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) immediately when the diagnostic runs and fails.
Conditions for Clearing the Fault Code
It is necessary to use the “Reset All Faults” command in INSITE™ electronic service tool to clear this fault and extinguish the amber CHECK ENGINE lamp and/or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

Shop Talk
This fault code is intended to identify fueling quantity and timing issues.

Possible Cause:
1) Cylinder number 2 fuel injector failure
2) ECM calibration