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Detroit DD13 GHG14 (2014-16) Fault Code: SPN 3719 FMI 0 (ACM) Soot Level Very High

NOTE: Do not interrupt regeneration once it has been initiated.

When this code is detected, the operator has two minutes to execute the entry conditions:
1. Cycle clutch switch (Manual transmission).
2. Cycle parking brake.
3. Cycle neutral switch (Automatic transmission).
4. Then initiate regen request.

NOTE: If the procedure is not completed within the time limit, the engine will shutdown and the regeneration procedure must be restarted.

NOTE: When this code is active, driver has 2 minutes to execute the entry conditions: Cycle clutch switch, parking brake, neutral switch (automatics), and then initiate the regen process. If not completed, engine will shut down and regen procedure must be restarted.

Perform a parked regeneration.