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Eaton Fuller Advantage (2017) Fault Code: 64 PID: 34 SPN: FMI: 7 Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA): Mechanical System Not Responding

The Fuller Advantage transmission is equipped with an Electronic Clutch Actuator (ECA) that controls the position of the clutch assembly. Power and ground to the ECA are OEM-supplied through a 3-Way Connector directly connected to the vehicle batteries. The ECA is connected to the TECU by an 8-Way Connector that is part of the transmission harness. The ECA communicates with the TECU over the High Integrity Link (HIL) to change position, show faults or include other operation information.

The TECU monitors the ECA for excessive motor current, excessive motor temperature, incorrect motor position, improper battery or ignition voltage to the ECA, or various internal ECA malfunctions.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active:
FMI 7 – Mechanical System Not Responding: ECA detects excessive motor current or ECA detects incorrect clutch position during a clutch position change for 1 second or longer

All FMIs
• “F” flashes in gear display.
• Service light flashes (if equipped).
• If the fault occurs at power up, engine cranks and starts, but TECU will not engage a gear.
• If the fault occurs while driving, ECA maintains current clutch position or moves to the last position commanded by the TECU. Transmission may continue to shift until vehicle is stopped

Conditions to Set Fault Code Inactive:
FMI 7: Normal motor current is detected and ECA position is correct for 2 seconds

Possible Causes:
1) ECA Power Harness
– Bent, spread corroded or loose terminals
– Wiring shorted to ground, shorted to power or open
2) Mechanical Clutch System
– Lack of lubrication of clutch release shaft/bushings
– Lack of lubrication of clutch
– Damage to clutch release yoke or cross shaft
– Internal failure
3) ECA
– Internal failure