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Eaton Fuller Advantage (2017) Fault Code: 74 PID: 190 SPN: FMI: 7 Engine Speed / Torque Response: Mechanical System Not Responding

The Fuller Advantage Transmission Electronic Control Unit (TECU) communicates with the engine ECU over the J1939 Data Link. During every shift, the TECU receives speed and torque information from the engine and requests changes in speed or torque from the engine to synchronize shifts. If the engine does not respond to speed or torque commands and no J1939 communication fault codes are present, the fault is set.

This fault can also be set if the TECU or engine ECU configuration settings are not correctly matched.

TECU monitors the net torque output and calculates the synchronization speed required to shift efficiently. If the request is sent to increase or decrease engine torque or speed and the engine does not respond or does not respond fully, the fault is set. Incorrect engine or transmission configuration settings can also set this fault code.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active:
FMI 7 – Mechanical System Not Responding: TECU detects no speed/torque response from the engine for more than 2 consecutive seconds after the request is sent

• “F” flashes in gear display.
• Service light flashes (if equipped).
• Transmission may not attempt a shift.
• Transmission may engage a start or reverse gear from neutral, but will not shift out of that gear

Conditions to Set Fault Code Inactive:
FMI 7: This fault is set inactive 4 seconds after the engine responds to TECU speed/torque requests

Possible Causes:
1) Engine
– Incorrect engine software settings
– Low engine power or mechanical engine issues
– Engine ECU