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Eaton Gen 1 (AutoShift) Fault Code: 43 PID: SID 36 FMI: 5 Range Solenoid Valve

This code indicates an electrical failure of the solenoids that control the pneumatic range valve.

Starting at key-on and throughout operation, the Transmission Controller constantly measures this circuit. A failure mode of short to battery, short to ground, or open circuit is detected.

This fault causes a 5-speed fallback and the transmission stays in either LO range or HI range. When the vehicle comes to a stop, an attempt to shift into LO range is made.

Required Tools:
1) Basic Hand Tools
2) Digital Volt/Ohm Meter
3) AutoSelect/AutoShift Troubleshooting Guide

Possible Causes:
1) Range solenoid coil open or shorted
2) Damaged transmission harness
3) Malfunctioning transmission ECU