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Eaton Gen 2 (AutoShift) Fault Code: 52 PID: 59 FMI: 2 Gear Select Sensor

Fault Code 52 indicates an electrical failure of the Gear Select Sensor on the Electric Shifter.

Starting at key on and throughout operation, the Transmission Controller constantly monitors the feedback from the sensor. If the feedback is below 10% or above 90% of the full value of the sensor, the fault code is set. This type of failure represents a short to ground or to battery voltage.
The Transmission Controller also monitors the sensor feedback for a 0 value, indicating an open circuit.

Possible Causes:
1) Transmission Harness
2) Gear Select Sensor
3) Transmission Controller

Shop Talk:
Key on. If the fault is present, the system should automatically detect the problem and set the code. If the fault is not present at key on, operate the vehicle and attempt to duplicate the driving conditions that triggered the fault code. Possible triggers include heat, vibration.