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Volvo All Engines (2004 Emissions) Fault Code: PID 171 FMI 9 Ambient Air Temperature Status

Fault Condition: The Ambient Air Temperature Status code will set when a fault is detected in the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, the J1507/J1708 Data Lines or the Instrument Cluster Module (ICM).

Possible repairs:

1) Verify that code PID 171 is set. If code PID 171 is not set, wiggle the harness and connectors to try to set the code. Visually inspect the connectors and wires for poor connections.
2) Is code MID 140 PID 171 set?
If code MID 140 PID 171 is set, repair the code(s) MID 140 PID 171 first then retest the system.
If only MID 128 PID 171 is set, a software problem in the Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (VECU) or data bus problems may exist. Reflashing the Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (VECU) or repairing the data lines may correct the problem, call MACK Reliability Engineering.