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Volvo All Engines (2004 Emissions) Fault Code: PPID 89 FMI 0 Variable Geometry Turbocharger Smart Remote Actuator Temperature

Fault Condition: If the thermistor within the VGT SRA exceeds a safe temperature limit, FMI 0 will set. Extreme driving conditions, such as engine coolant problems, can cause an FMI of 0. Engine derate will begin if this fault code is logged. Code SID 27 FMI 0 will also set when PPID 89 is set.

Possible repairs:

1) Verify that code PPID 89 is set. If code PPID 89 is not set, wiggle the harness and connectors to try to set the code. Visually inspect the VGT SRA connector for poor connections.

Note: When PPID 89 is displayed, the onboard thermistor in the VGT SRA indicates that the temperature in the turbocharger housing has exceeded a safe limit. Elevated internal turbocharger temperatures may be caused by a mechanical or component malfunction that raises engine temperature. Check and diagnose conditions that raise engine temperatures.