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Eaton Fuller Advantage (2017) Fault Code: 29 PID: SPN: 969 FMI: 4 Remote Throttle Enable: Voltage Below Normal or Shorted Low

The Fuller Advantage transmission is equipped with a relay circuit that allows the throttle of the engine to be located in a remote location. The relay and associated wiring are installed by the OEM. Fault Code 29 sets when the Transmission Electronic Control Unit (TECU) detects an open or a shorted condition in the wiring between the TECU and the relay.

The TECU monitors the remote throttle enable circuit for opens or shorts. If either condition is present for 1 second or greater, the fault is set Active.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Active:
FMI 4 – Voltage Below Normal or Shorted Low: TECU
detects a short to ground in the circuit

Remote throttle will not function.

Conditions to Set Fault Code Inactive:
All FMIs: Short or open condition is not detected by the TECU for 2 seconds

Possible Causes:
FMI 4, 5
1) Vehicle Harness
– Bent, spread, loose or corroded terminals
– Wiring shorted to ground or open
2) Remote Throttle Relay
– Internal failure
– Internal failure