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Volvo All Engines (2004 Emissions) Fault Code: SID 18 FMI 3 Water in Fuel Valve

Fault Condition: FMI 3 indicates that a
short to power has been detected at connector A
pin 3 of the Engine Management Systems (EMS)

Possible repairs:

Turn the ignition key OFF first.

1) If code SID 18 is not set, wiggle the harness and connectors to try to set the code. Visually inspect the Water in Fuel Valve harness connector and wires for frayed or loose connections.
2) Disconnect connector A at the Engine Management System (EMS) Module and the Water in Fuel Valve Relay connector. Turn the ignition key ON. Measure the voltage between Engine Management System (EMS) Module
connector A pin 3 and a good ground. If voltage is present, locate and repair the short to voltage in the control line. Retest the system. If there is NO voltage present, verify the diagnostic code, FMI and retest the system.
If the FMI 3 is still active, replace the Engine Management System (EMS) Module and retest the system.