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Volvo All Engines (2004 Emissions) Fault Code: SID 22 FMI 2 Crank Speed Sensor

Fault Condition: If the Engine Management System (EMS) Module calculates a significant difference between the Crank Speed Sensor input signal and the CAM Speed Sensor input signal, the EMS Module will turn on the Electronic Malfunction Lamp (EML) and SID 22 will set. If the engine speed signals agree, the fault will become inactive. The engine and tachometer will continue to operate when SID 22 is set because the EMS Module will use the CAM
Speed Sensor signal to calculate engine speed.

Note: Electrical problems can cause this fault to be generated, and electrical diagnostics are provided in this section. Mechanical problems can also cause temporary or permanent speed signal errors. After all electrical possibilities have been ruled out, check mechanical conditions that could cause vibration or signal errors. Such conditions include but are not limited to:
Faulty Engine Vibration Dampe, Contaminated sensor tips, Missing or chipped gear teeth, Improperly installed Flywheel Ring Gear, Incorrect Flywheel, Contaminated Flywheel Ring Gear, Improperly adjusted sensor
Excessive Driveshaft backlash, Improperly balanced engine components.

Possible repairs:

Code will only be seen as active with the engine OFF. In all cases the SID 22 FMI will change to 2 when the engine is started.